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the care n' keeping of you

Written and Performed by Catherine Bloom and Sofia Dobrushin


Directed by Federica Borlenghi

Developed as a part of the CAMP Residency with Ars Nova Theater

Passover is approaching in only a fortnight… and Sabina (Sofia Dobrushin) and Christina (Catherine Bloom), two semi-estranged half siblings, have just received the devastating news that their father is sick with an ambiguous illness. After traveling home to care for him, both grapple with reverting to childhood behaviors while processing their own latest traumas: Sabina is polyamorous and married in Bushwick, and Christina is an RA at her all women’s college, Barn-Yard. While cleaning their father’s home and stumbling upon relics from their childhood- aka- a copy of the American Girl Doll puberty manifesto “The Care And Keeping of You,” they reveal to themselves and each other all the things they wish they had known about growing up.

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