Catherine is currently a 2022-2023 resident of the Comedy Artist Makers Program at Ars Nova, where she is continuing to develop her play "Women and Boys Do Improv." A horror comedy set in 2012, "Women and Boys Do Improv" is a satirical spin on the gender dynamics of a high school improv troupe, and the so called "joker origin story" of MiSoGyNy in entertainment. "Women and Boys Do Improv" will be premiering in May 2023 at Ars Nova.

Catherine is also the co-writer and an actor in the new play "Poly Play," depicting two primary partners who own a building and rent the remaining apartments solely to their secondary partners. The only twist? If anyone breaks up, they get evicted. "Poly Play" will be having a staged reading on December 10th at 8pm at Under Saint Marks Theater.