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Art by Julia Barnard

the care n keeping of you

Ars Nova: 511 W 54th St, New York, NY

May 19th, 7pm

Sabina and Christina, two semi-estranged half sisters have just received devastating news that their father is sick. After traveling home to care for him, both grapple with reverting to childhood behaviors while processing their own latest traumas: Sabina was just broken up with by her polycule, and Christina is juggling five different minors at her all girls college, Barn-Yard. While cleaning their father's home and stumbling upon relics from their childhood- aka- a copy of the American Girl Doll puberty book, The Care and Keeping of You, they reveal to themselves and each other all the things they wish they had known about growing up. 

the care n keeping of you is a satire of an American couch play. It is also unapologetically an American couch play.



Art by Arty Kopischke

Spirit of Life

The Brick:  579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

June 22nd, 7pm

To the members of the UU Fellowship Williamsburg Chapter,

As you may know, our dear minister, Dee, and her wife, Claud, are on their honeymoon in Bermuda this week so fellow members, choir director Toby-Ellen and religious education leader Arcadia, will be leading the service and giving the sermon this week, in addition to their usual accompaniments. They have a few surprises in store for you at their revolutionary sermon on “God” and “Sexual Freedom!” Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it because I’m currently on bedrest due to an incident involving the donation box at the board meeting last week, but I’m sure it will not be a service to miss!

With Love and Spiritual Awareness,
Frida Weisfelt, Board President of Williamsburg UU Chapter

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